ADA & LEGEAR welcomes its newest partners, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Association of New Zealand (SSAANZ).

ADA & LEGEAR welcomes its newest partners, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Association of New Zealand (SSAANZ).

SSAANZ is a bridging platform that keeps veterans and current serving members connected through outdoor pursuits, adventurous activity and sporting endeavours. To date, SSAANZ have successfully run several outdoor expeditions including; Trout Fishing, Diving, Hunter Skills Training, Skiing, and a Traverse of the Southern Alps.

The membership-based charity is currently open to the military forces of New Zealand, the Army, Navy and Airforce with a primary aim of providing subsidised outdoor and adventurous activities to its members. Since its inception in 2018, every organised activity through the PA Program has had at least one cost-free attendee.

“As our charity is made up of veterans, we can see the benefits in creating a place for all who want to partake in outdoor pursuits that have positive and proven benefits on the mind and the body. Each event follows three core criteria: Foundations, Skillset and Community. By setting the criteria for each event we can measure and improve our events as we grow to give our members the maximum success in their own endeavours.” – Dave Benfall, National Coordinator SSAANZ

Rest Stand Clear Program (RSC)

The RSC Program is a core support method where SSAANZ offers cost-free spaces on excursions to any current serving or ex-service personnel. Improving accessibility to the program will allow those who has served and has been identified as having personal struggles with the opportunity to benefit from the positive impact of outdoor activity. It also allows them to reconnect with their military whanau.

ADA & LEGEAR’s partnership will allow further funding to be injected towards the RSC program and create a higher number of cost-free spaces at each excursion for members facing hardship. The donation of outdoor equipment and apparel from LEGEAR held centrally at RSC will further alleviate barriers of entry for the serving community to join the program and reduce personal costs associated with signing up for outdoor activities.

“We are extremely proud to be involved and supporting such a uniquely inspirational organisation. The SSAANZ platform aligns with ADA’s core values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration encouraging veterans to live EPIC”

SSAANZ activities are incredibly uplifting and have many positive impacts for the participants including fitness, confidence and connection with other service members who have overcome their own challenges and struggles.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020